Stunning Street Art

I have always had a love for street art. It is fascinating how an artist can take some spray paint or chalk and create a breathtaking masterpiece. It's also exciting that it appears spontaneously, sprouting up unexpectedly all over the world.

There is such a wide variety of styles associated with street art. Street artists often use their work to express an idea or address social problems. Sometimes artists choose to highlight the beauty of the urban landscape, or transform it into something new all together.

Here are some awesome street art masterpieces, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Paris, France   |    Author: Marko

Art Nouveau mural "Our Lady of Grace" in the City of Montreal

Photographer and street artist JR (some call the 'French Banksy')

Breaking Bad amazing-ness by Axe Colours

and who doesn't like some Banksy?

 Smug specializes in photo-realistic graffiti; the Scottish city Glasgow funds a mural initiative.

 Smug specializes in photo-realistic graffiti; the Scottish city Glasgow funds a mural initiative.

Herbert Baglione's "1000 shadows" project, here in an abandoned psychiatric hospital

Alexandre Farto (a.k.a. Vhils) is a Portugal-based street artist renowned for his murals which he creates using stencils, chisels and drills.

by Wes21 in Berlin, Germany

New York based artist Gaia often chooses to showcase some dark imagery

Polish artist NeSpoon is known for beautifully intricate patters

British street artist Julian Beever creates 3D scenes with just pavement and chalk.

in Horsens, Denmark by 215

ROA is known for his awesome animal murals

Great way to incorporate the landscape in Oz, France by Vinie Graffiti

Spanish artist Pez began painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona

awesome street art in Barcelona, Spain by ManuManu

Shoreditch Street Art in London has a dedicated tour

by Millo in Milan, Italy

Chichester Street Art Festival, 2013 Liqen held in in West Sussex, England shows a mechanical locust traveling in a pollution-infested world.

stunning piece in New York by artist Jorit AGOch

Kelly Goeller experiments with pixel art to the streets of New York

Chinese artist DALeast's signature 3D style appears across the globe