Contest - Navigator Dreams

I always love a good contest. I think it all started way back on a family trip to Arbuckle Wilderness. We were coming back from touring the park and noticed a crowd gathered at the pavilion. An event was happening to honor the park's special theme that season - dinosaurs. They were giving away an old Pepsi machine painted with a dinosaur scene. I stopped my parents and told them I'd like to enter. I remember my mother telling me I wouldn't win, and, being a stubborn child, I insisted that I would like to enter anyways. Sure enough, my name was called, and shortly later we were calling my grandparents to come help us take home this giant soda machine.

Ever since then, when presented with the opportunity, I like to enter to occasional contest, and have won all sorts of things over the years from jewelry and money to a trip to NASCAR. Of course, the odds are never in your favor with sweeps/contests, but if your name is in the hat there is always a chance.

Now that I'm a designer I have become more interested in creative opportunities. The last creative contest I entered was a poster contest hosted by Barilla. I did not win; but, to me, the main objective is experience. And these contests are wonderful exercises in unleashing your creativity and honing your skills.

I just stumbled upon a new design contest that was recently launched earlier this month: the Navigator Dreams - Global Talent Design Contest. The objective is to create a design for this year's paper ream that complies with Navigator Students brand values--  technological, modern, innovative and fun. Prizes include a MacBook and Wacom pad.

2015 Winners

Admission period ends March 11, 2016.

So if you design, you might be interested in this one as well.  And never let the odds hold you back!