Children's Paintings

For the last several years, I have started a tradition of gifting my children with a painting for their birthday. Depending on what the birthday 'theme' is, I choose a scene to replicate with Acrylics on Canvas. My oldest, who is 4 now, has started to help with the image selection process as well.

I wish painting was something that I could quickly produce, but, with me, it takes an enormous amount of time to produce one painting. Hopefully it is a sustainable tradition, and that painting comes easier with practice.

Here are some paintings created in the past few years:

1st Birthday: Winnie the Pooh

2nd Birthday: Mickey & Minnie Mouse

3rd Birthday: Dora the Explorer

1st Birthday: Bambi

Bambi Work Flow:

The next painting requested by my oldest is everyone's (current) favorite character: Ice Queen Elsa from Frozen. I am at somewhat of a loss at the moment on which medium to use.

Queen Elsa from Frozen

Queen Elsa from Frozen

This image is seemingly a much more challenging project than what I've produced so far. I don't know if it would be better created with oil or water colors. Time will tell? 

Do you paint?