When You Grow UP

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that is asked of us at an early age. It’s interesting how our goals and hopes for the future evolve as we do. When I was young, I would always say I wanted to be an artist. Aside from reading, art was always my number one go-to activity. I had an artistic grandmother, who loved crafting and painting. Painting next to her is one of my most cherished memories.


As I progressed through grade school and learned about the mysteries of space, “artist” changed to “astronaut.” I would write NASA all sorts of different questions, and I had a folder with various facts and colored images of planets, black holes, and anything space related I could find.


Entering high school, my interests shifted again as my extracurricular activities changed from sports to debate, acting, and other speaking related activities. In high school it is pushed more than ever to have a occupational goal and know what you want to do. For a variety of reasons (probably some wrong ones) I decided to study law. And I did leave to do so in New Orleans (only to be blown back to Texas a mere week into my semester by hurricane Katrina).

Only when some years passed gaining a bit more maturity and understanding about myself, did I come full circle back to my first love - art. It took several years of hard work, during which I had 2 more children to make 3, but finally I graduated Full Sail University last month in October 2015. I still can’t believe this is what I will do the rest of my life- creating things, my passion. Even better, it allows me to work at home and fully experience the joys of motherhood while still producing.

I look back now and think that certainly too much emphasis is placed on knowing your path to the future. A self-involved teenager who is still largely forming their beliefs and identity is certainly not going to know these answers. While I agree it is good to know a general direction you would like to go, life, to me, is a much more un-charted journey. So finally, going on 30, I have found my life’s work and love, and am so excited to produce and get started!

Looking back